Balcas Timber Limited

"Up to 100% improvements in OEE, 40% reduction in waste, 40% improvement in quality and higher employee morale are only some of the results we achieved through CH as part of a Lean, World Class Manufacturing Initiative across our 150 plus employee facility. Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Maintenance and Quality were all part of the scope. Considering the scale of the Initiative we set-up a cross functional Steering Group who supported the rollout of a full team working programme and the selection of task teams. Led by Cliff Honniball, CH provided the training, facilitation and support and were excellent. Cliff’s knowledge of Lean principles, total quality and team working was complimented by a simple and practical approach to implementation. We restructured internally, got early results and continued to systematically rollout throughout the organisation. His approach is to develop the organisation at its roots and therefore results are sustainable. He comes highly recommended."

PQE Technology Limited

"We are lucky to be supported by the CH Team for over six years now. They are at the foundation of our business progression providing a down to earth practical approach to strategic planning. They provide invaluable direction relating to organisation development and the progression of the management team. Their considered opinions and advice have helped us through challenging times as well as through our growth years. I personally have benefited enormously from Cliff Honniball as a confidential business friend and he has helped me on so many occasions to turn the grey into black and white. We will continue to work with CH. Results speak for themselves."

KH Engineering

"At a time of uncertainty the CH Team has helped me to clarify where my organisation is at and where it should be heading. They brought me through a systematic strategic management process when my options were clearly outlined, qualified and modeled. The market information they provided was second to none as was their knowledge of best practice across key business functions. We benefited enormously from the different yet complimentary support team and will continue to use their support."


 More testimonials on request.