• Strategic Management

    Our purpose is to work with you to develop goals and actions to deliver sustainable and profitable growth. We provide clarity and focus to the organisation with a clear roadmap of the future.

  • Lean & Benchmarking

    Lean examines the process flows in your organization with a view to eliminating non value adding activities which are referred to as waste. This reduction speeds up the flow of products and information thereby reducing costs and increasing competitiveness. In other words take out waste in an activity that the customer is not paying for or indeed take out that activity altogether if it is not needed.

  • Supply Chain Management

    Specialists in improving all aspects of Materials Management and Logistics Management we can for example assess and improve the effectiveness of your production / materials planning.


Driving business growth

Providing a sustainable environment with opportunities for prosperity and success.

CH Team are Strategic, Lean and Supply Chain Management specialists focused on improving organisation competitiveness that materialise straight to the bottom line. We are established for over 19 years and have experience in a wide range of industry sectors including engineering, retail, electronics, food, airline, pharmaceutical, bedding, green technology, supply chain and timber. Providing services throughout Ireland, the CH team bring experienced hands-on, result oriented approach. We believe in structured coaching and mentoring of your employees so that they get the results - not us!


  • 15 Oct

    Balcas Timber Limited
    We have experienced up to 100% improvements in OEE, 40% reduction in waste, 40% improvement in quality and.....

  • 15 Oct

    PQE Technology
    We are lucky to be supported by CH Team for over six years now. They are at the foundation of our business progression.....